Lena Belle

Powerful vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter Lena Belle is a rising force in the San Diego music scene. Her classically trained voice and pianistic abilities give strength and depth to her indie pop style. She performs consistently on local stages both with full band and solo/duo acoustic sets.

Reiki 1 Hour Remote Session

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Reiki 1 Hour Remote Session


Experience the magic of Reiki right in the comfort of your own home. Reiki is an ancient & timeless healing modality where pure Source energy is channeled into your being, allowing a safe space for your energetic field to release built up blockages, relax, open, and balance into its rightful alignment.

Benefits of Reiki may Include:

  • Relief from headaches, backaches, pains

  • Relief from stress, depression, and anxiety

  • Clarity of mind, clarity of purpose, solutions of problems coming easily

  • Increased power and self confidence

  • Increased immunity, quicker recovery time for diseases and ailments

  • Healing of the root spiritual & emotional cause of the disease (to be used in supplementation with herbal and/or traditional treatment methods, depending on the ailment)

  • Lucid dreaming

  • Activation of psychic senses

  • More mastery over empathic abilities (not carrying so much the weight of others)

  • Increased energy

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