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Powerful vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter Lena Belle is a rising force in the San Diego music scene. Her classically trained voice and pianistic abilities give strength and depth to her indie pop style. She performs consistently on local stages both with full band and solo/duo acoustic sets.

New Release! Nature Knows (DJ Taz Rashid Remix) and Thoughts on Self Love

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, I released a new remix by DJ Taz Rashid of Nature Knows. You can check that out by clicking the button below. I really loved doing this remix, because it just added such cool elements to the song. DJ Taz Rashid is a really popular DJ and producer who DJs for a lot of high vibe and yoga events like Wanderlust and others, so this remix has a feel of like being outside at an awesome yoga and music festival, just doing yoga, connecting with nature and your inner being. It feels really inspiring for me. I love it.

So in this moment, post release, I find it is easy to feel a bit down. So much always goes into music releases. They are like giving birth in some ways. So right after the release, it often feels like some sort of post partum. Does anyone else experience this with artistic creations and releases? Let me know in the comments. You can actually comment on this blog post right below.

So anyways, yeah I have been feeling a bit of a contraction post expansion. So what I have been really needing is just gentleness and self love. It is so easy to be violent towards the self all the time. I feel like we do it so much, we just get used to it.

I have basically trained myself out of extremely negative self talk. Like I will never call myself an “idiot” or “stupid” or say “I hate myself” or anything. I actually find myself repeating thoughts like, “I love myself. Thank you Lena” over and over without realizing it, especially right before bed or if I am trying to get myself into a better mood.

But even with that, I still find myself looking around and noticing everything that is lacking in my life, everything that is different from the vision I have in my mind about my goals. And because my current reality is different from my vision, I try to justify that by saying it must be because I am flawed in this way, disorganized in this way, haven’t done enough of such-and-such yet, and then spirals a thought pattern of negativity.

It is really easy to stay in these negative thought patterns for extended periods of time, and it begins creating reality based on these assessments that are being created about the self. So we are basically repeating mantras in our minds like, “It must be because I am not working hard enough” or “I just haven’t been doing enough of this,” or whatever. When, in fact, it is natural that the current reality is a bit behind the vision for the future. In the past I have had visions of this current reality I am in now as well as frustration that I was not here where I am NOW yet. So now I am having visions of the future reality and frustrations that I am not at this future reality yet. But it seems like, maybe I am just not yet at peace with the process of creation. I have visions, and I love them, and then I yell at my current reality like, “WHY ARE YOU NOT HERE YET!!”

That’s like planting seeds for fruit trees and a day later being like, “WHERE’S MY FRUIT BITCH?!!” haha.

Maybe it is because we have fallen out of love with the process of creation. What about tending the garden?

Is the purpose of growing fruit trees to eat the fruit? Or is it about going outside every day, feeling the sunshine, nurturing the roots, exalting and embracing every little new growth, being like,

“WOW, look at this new sprout! Isn’t it so cute and amazing?! I love it!”

and then the next day,

“Wow, another little leaf unfurled!! What a miracle!!”

I have to fall in love with the process of creation, or I’m just not gonna be having fun.

I want to have fun!

Who else wants to have fun?

I hope you have a beautiful day.

If you want to do a meditation for self love and your inner child, then hear me sing a couple songs, here is a facebook live I did earlier today for this purpose: https://www.facebook.com/lenabellemusic/videos/391501714769044/UzpfSTc3NTIyNDUxNDoxMDE1NzM3MjA2NzMyOTUxNQ/

So I hope you have a beautiful day full of love. It is my intention that we all learn to be loving and kind towards ourselves and embrace the miracle of creation every day. I would love to hear what your process is with this as well. Feel free to comment and share.

I love you!



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This is Lena Belle

This is Lena Belle, Songstress of the Light, stepping out into her full form, being who she is in the world, sharing love through music, through sound, with the intention of spreading awakening, joy, love, and harmony throughout the cosmos.

Dear love,

I want to welcome you into this world with me, truly, from my heart to yours. We have enough stress, anxiety, pressure, and suffering in this world. My intention is not to add to that but instead to create a space of relief from that. I want us to come together and just be, just let go of all of that and remember that I am you and you are me. I really do love you. It sounds weird maybe, because maybe I have not met you, but I feel confident in my love for you all the same.

Why do I love you? I love you, because you are life itself. You are the breath I breathe, the ocean, the seas.

You are me.

Maybe that sounds weird. Does it?

Does it really sound that weird? What if we all walked through the world like that? What if we all just walked around deeply rooted in our awareness of our infinite love for one another? Wouldn’t that be an awesome world to live in? Sounds fun to me.

So now I will get a little more specific about my background, since this is an introduction to Lena Belle. This is my first official blog post for this new blog.

Let’s start with where I am now. I am living in NYC. I am a singer, songwriter, sound healer, keyboardist, vocal coach, reiki healer, yoga teacher, priestess, Goddess, fairy, light being. haha

I love nature, because nature is me. I love me because I am nature.

Nature Knows! Btw, if you haven’t heard my single Nature Knows, check it out here!

So I could go deeper into my history and everything, but I don’t feel like telling my entire life story at the current moment. But it will come out here and there in future blog posts, in my songs, videos, at shows, and all of that good stuff.

But, what I do want to know is how did you get here? What are you looking for in life? Why do you love music? Take a sec to answer these questions in the comments below! I want to hear from you and connect with you. Feel free to share this blog post on social media as well.

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So with that, I leave you for the moment. I want to say thank you so much for taking the time to read and connect with my soul in this way.


Thank you. I love you,

Lena Belle

© Lena Belle 2019