Lena Belle

Powerful vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter Lena Belle is a rising force in the San Diego music scene. Her classically trained voice and pianistic abilities give strength and depth to her indie pop style. She performs consistently on local stages both with full band and solo/duo acoustic sets.

 Emotional Release Technique 1 Hour Remote Session

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Emotional Release Technique 1 Hour Remote Session

Based on the Technique described on the Emotional Code by Bradley Nelson, in this session, we are able to release the residual trapped, repressed emotions left over from trauma, daily life, and past events, leaving you feeling lighter and ready to take on the world, ready to connect in a deeper way. Typically in a 1 hour session, we release 5-10 trapped emotions.

This session will consist of a 5 minute opening call where you describe what you are wanting to release or bring in in your life, the intention for the session. This will be followed by a 40 minute Emotional Release Technique session, ending with a 20 minute processing call, where we will discuss the emotions which were released. You will remember moments in your life, which will make it clear why these emotions were trapped at that time. We will go over aftercare instructions.

These sessions are truly magical. Many experience such deep openings and shifts in their lives after the trapped emotions holding them back are released.

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