Lena Belle

Powerful vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter Lena Belle is a rising force in the San Diego music scene. Her classically trained voice and pianistic abilities give strength and depth to her indie pop style. She performs consistently on local stages both with full band and solo/duo acoustic sets.

Healing Sessions

In addition to being a songstress, Lena Belle is a trained healer, with seven years experience as a practitioner of the Emotional Release Technique and training and experience as a Reiki II practitioner. She also completed her 200 Hour yoga teacher training at Dharma Yoga NYC. Lena spent two years living in shamanic community, studying deeply with healers practicing an intertribal Native lineage. During this time, Lena was deeply immersed in the lifestyle of self realization. She carries this energy with her in everything she does from music to healing work to just being a person in life. Lena is honored to be able to share the potent transformational power of these healing modalities.

She wants you to know that whatever you are carrying, you do not need to carry anymore. Healing is possible for everyone. Transformation is possible. Joy is possible. Freedom is possible. Love is here.


Lena is a uniquely talented energy and sound healer. The sessions have been instrumental in my own health and happiness. Her compassion will make you feel right at home. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Dave Lantz
I suffer from frequent migraines, and until I received a Reiki session from Lena Belle, my triptan prescription meds were the only relief I could find. Last month, I had run out of meds and was able to get a Reiki session with Lena Belle. I admit I was skeptical, but much to my surprise, within 20 minutes, my headache was gone and did not return! No side effects either. Highly Recommend!
— Aida Anderson, Dance Choreographer
On a scale of one to five stars, I give Lena all the stars in the milky way. I’ve had my fair share of energy healing and do some myself, yet she does extraordinary work. Each session left me feeling better than the last. Exposing and releasing old memories with trapped emotions ranging all ages, facilitating a comprehensive Reiki healing on all planes, which manifested in my daily life. She is very special and gifted at what she does.
— Oscar Sandoval

Sessions Available:

Click the “Book Now” buttons for more in depth descriptions, prices, and scheduling page. Lena is also available for 15 minute free consultations if you would like to speak with her before making your decision.

Emotional Release Technique + Reiki

2 Hour Remote Session

Jump start your healing process with this beautiful and thorough deep dive. This is the most recommended session.


1 Hour Remote Session

Includes 45 minute Reiki Session + 15 min Spirit Messages Call

Emotional Release Technique

1 Hour Remote Session

Includes 40 min Emotional Release Technique Session + 20 min Spirit Messages Call

What is Emotional Release technique?

The Emotional Release Technique is a methodology through which we are able to locate trapped emotional energies from the past and release them, allowing for greater ease, flow, and confidence in one’s life. Recurring anxieties, unhelpful patterns, emotional blocks, and even physical pain often find their root cause in trapped emotions in the body. This specific methodology of locating and releasing these trapped emotional energies was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson and written about in his book The Emotional Code.

Having the power to release these trapped emotions is nothing short of miraculous. It is a common belief that once a person goes through trauma or difficult experiences, it is very difficult or impossible to fully recover. Either that or it takes YEARS of therapy. This could not be further from the truth when you have access to healing modalities such as these. I know from personal experience through self healing and through working with others that miracles DO happen. Most people are carrying around so much extra weight with the unprocessed emotions of their past. As soon as we begin to release these, a magical flow begins to happen. Creativity begins to move. It becomes easier to share and connect with others. Patterns of behavior begin to shift. The healing process happens differently for each person, but healing DOES happen. And, you deserve the best. You deserve to have access to this magic for yourself in your life.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a universal & timeless, pure healing modality where the practitioner channels pure Source energy into the aura of the receiving person. This allows for a safe, high vibrational space where the person receiving gets exactly what they need from their own inner Source at that time. Reiki as we know it, was founded by Dr. Mikau Usui, but in reality, it has been used by many masters throughout the ages. It is said that this is the same healing that Jesus used to create miracles. Many often say the Buddha was utilizing this as well. Mothers often channel this energy without knowing it when they rub the stomachs of their kids to relieve a stomach ache. It is essentially pure love (Source is love) moving through the practitioner’s clear channel, allowing the person receiving access to a level of intelligent energy that would not have otherwise been available to them at that level at that time. Practitioners receive Reiki attunements to be able to channel this energy effectively, prepare the space, and allow for the best session possible.

Common Results from Reiki (every person receives what they need, and that looks different for everyone):

  • Decreased stress, increased sense of ease

  • Greater mental clarity, solutions to one’s “problems” coming easily.

  • Decreased or complete relief from headaches, backaches, and more.

  • Increased immunity, speedy recovery time from illness

  • Relief from depression

  • Artistic inspiration

  • Self Love

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