Lena Belle

Awaken the Heart

Powerful vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter Lena Belle is a rising force in the San Diego music scene. Her classically trained voice and pianistic abilities give strength and depth to her indie pop style. She performs consistently on local stages both with full band and solo/duo acoustic sets.

Lena Belle is a songstress, meditator, poet, seeker of truth, philosopher, tree climber, and Francophile, who was raised on Bach, opera, and Sicilian food. Known as the “Songstress of the Light”, Lena Belle weaves alchemical creations of love through her music, sound healing, Reiki, and music teaching. Belle specializes in live performance, studio recording, songwriting, arranging, keyboard, session singing, and French music. Genres range from pop and vintage pop, jazz, singer-songwriter, electronic, French, and alternative.


Lena Belle is currently an active singer, songwriter, and performer in New York City. Lena’s heart-filled renditions of Edith Piaf, classic French songs, and jazz standards wrap her audience with elegance and loving embrace. 


Graduate of the Eastman School of Music with a degree in Music Education and voice brings a deep knowledge of music to all her work. Music lessons with Lena are holistic and comprehensive. Every student experiences the miracle of improvisation and composition. Trained in Reiki and yoga, she also offers full Reiki, Sound Healing, and Emotional Release Technique sessions in person and remotely.


Lena Belle is open to meeting producers, musical collaborators, songwriters, female music producers and executives, women in music, writers, music bloggers, radio hosts, talent agents, talent managers, promoters, film directors, media professionals, broadcast media, entertainment media, audio technicians, video & film producers, jewelry designers, and fashion designers. Her mission is to weave love and help people connect with their inner truth.

Lena Belle’s debut EP “My Own Way” can be found on Spotify, itunes, AmazonCD BabyBandcamp, and Soundcloud is a soulful indie pop album recorded with grand piano, full band, and strings. 


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